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Alcogel – Hand Sanitiser

$132.40 inc. GST

A LOG 5 hand sanitiser and topical gel used to supplement routine hand washing. Alcogel reduces micro-organisms on the skin to a sanitary level. It also contains emollients to help reduce dryness of the skin associated with other alcohol based sanitisers.

Carton contains 6x500ml

Cleanshot Spray & Sanitise

$48.62 inc. GST

Cleanshot Spray and Sanitize is a general purpose cleaner sanitizer for food catering and housekeeping areas. Suitable for removing a variety of light soiling from a range of surfaces it is also ideal for hard surface cleaning and sanitising.

You will love the pleasant citrus fresh fragrance.

Package Contains 6x750ml

NEXA Advanced Anti Bacterial Foam Hand Soap

$151.02 inc. GST

Anti-Bacterial Foam Hand Soap

An economical, high quality hand wash that is mild on hands and effective against germs. It is designed to keep employee’s hands clean and sanitary to reduce the threat of foodborne illness.

Carton contains 4x1250ML

NEXA Classic Manual Dispenser

$45.30 inc. GST

The Nexa Touch-Free dispenser helps prevent the spread of germs with a dispensing system that provides
efficiency, innovation and sustainability in one sleek and adaptable dispensers.

NEXA Foodservice Foam Hand Sanitiser

$155.88 inc. GST

Designed specifically for foodservice areas to provide broad spectrum antibacterial action. Formulated with emollients to help protect skin, while being both low alcohol and non-flammable. Non-perfumed to reduce cross-contamination in food preparation areas. The foaming formula improves coverage upon application to reduce splashes, dripping and runoff.

Carton contains 4x1250ML


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